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Theosophical Society
in the Philippines


    Peace Work
     & Ecology




The Theosophical Society, through the Theosophical Order of Service and the Bacolod Lodge, operates five schools: three in Metro Manila, one in Bacolod City and the other in Bago City, Negros Occidental. The schools in Bacolod City and Bago City are operated by the Bacolod Lodge.


Golden Link College
Waling-waling Street, Brgy 177
North Caloocan City

Pre-school, Elementary, High School
(Click here to go to Golden Link College page)


Sunshine Learning Center
1 Iba Street, Quezon City

Pre-school (Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory)

TOS Learning Center
San Vicente Ferrer, Camarin
Caloocan City

Pre-school (Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory)


Besant School
Bacolod City
(034) 4440314

Pre-school and Elementary

TOS Bago Learning Center
Bago City

Pre-school (Nursery, Kindergarten, and Preparatory)

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