Golden Link College

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Here are some glimpses of the school through random snapshots by various individuals. Enjoy them!

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Golden Link College Graduation Chief Justice Reynato Puno (front, 3rd from left) was the guest speaker of the Commencement Exercises of April, 2013.
Golden Link College Graduation The first batch of college graduate of Golden Link College: (front, from left) Karen Yrigan, Alvie Ordovez, Gemma Lonosa, (rear) John Derson Herbolario (cum laude), Armielyn Matela (cum laude) and Mary Rose Osita.
Golden Link Graduation Flery Romero Justice Flerida Ruth Romero was the guest speaker of the first college commencement exercises.
Golden Link College graduation All the graduates delivered individual speeches. On the stage are (from left) Dr. Aaron Antonio (Dean), Vicente Hao Chin Jr. (President), Justice Flerida Romero, Dr. Annie Dumlao-Relucio (Trustee), Pablo Tan (Trustee)
Golden Link College students Some of the college students during the first college commencement exercises
Amihan Leah Bucad having fun with her nursery pupils.
Amihan Mrs. Amihan Gorospe, a visitor from Switzerland who is a regular scholarship sponsor,, showing to pupils where she lives.
Diana Chapotin Diana Dunningham Chapotin, the International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service from France, having a session with a class.
diana chapotin Diana having a session with the faculty members of the Golden Link School.
astronomy class A class in astronomy.
Eiren Aquino Eiren Aquino and Alma Besonia distributing some announcements through the students.
gls family day Teachers, students and parents having a lot of fun with the caterpillar game. In front of the right row is Teacher Janice Gapaz, while the parent coaching the other row is Jun Daday.
gls family day The water balloon catching game. The balloon contains water and after each throw they are to step backwards until they are not able to catch the balloon.
gls family day Apple eating game - with parents and pupils as partners!
gls family day The sack race. Here is an elementary student really skilled in it.
golden link family day But the parents don't give up easily!
golden link school nursery Leah Danzalan with her nursery pupils.
golden link school playing Groups of girls playing at the lobby during breaktime.
golden link school playing Another batch of girls playing something called . . . what's it called?
gls resting An elementary pupil reading a story to another pupil who is not feeling well and resting in the office of Ma'am Rekha, the Administrator.