Community Involvement and Service

The School does not limit itself to serving its student population. It undertakes regular activities that seeks to help the community, such as:

Annual medical mission for the community, including x-rays, dental services (including dentures), opthalmological services (with free reading glasses), immunization, deworming, and free medicine;

health dayhealth day
Assisting nearby public high schools in conducting teachers’ training, donation of library books, holding youth camps, and conducting sessions for students;
Caroling to extremely poor families and donating food and fund for December. Below, Teacher Alma Besonia distributes toys and educational materials to children, and at the bottom photo, Rekha Nahar, Golden Link Administrator, gives groceries to a mother.

golden link carolinggolden link caroling
Free Summer Classes (click here) 

These are in addition to the other social
welfare services conducted by the The-
osophical Order of Service to the commu-