Talks on Meditation
These talks are from the weekly online Guided Meditation sessions launched by the Theosophical Society in the Philippines starting April 2020. Conducted by Vic Hao Chin, each session consists of 20-minute meditation practice, a short talk, and a question-and-answer session. The guided meditation practice is the first video below. The subsequent videos contain the talks and question-and-answer sessions.

Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

A 20-minute meditation session With guidelines on how to do daily meditation

1. The Higher and Lower Mind

A talk on the important distinction between higher and lower mind in the practice of meditation, with questions and answers

2. Awareness and Non-attachment

How awareness gradually develops non-attachment, with questions and answers

3. Intuition

The nurture of the intuitive faculty and its difference from extrasensory perception, with questions and answers

4. The Benefits of Meditation

The benefits in daily life and the initial obstacles in the practice, with questions and answers