The TSP Board invites all members of the Philippine Section to the 2017 National Convention at Eden Nature Park and Resort, located at the foothills of Mount Apo in Davao City.

The convention dates are November 17, Friday (starts at noon with lunch), November 18 (whole day), and November 19 (ends at noon with lunch). The host will be Maharlika Lodge of Davao City. November 17 is the Foundation Day of the Theosophical Society.

The registration fee is P2,950 per delegate. (The actual cost is P4,000/per delegate but TSP National Headquarters is subsidizing the difference.) Accommodations are 4 delegates in a room. Make your reservations as early as possible so proper arrangements can be made in Eden. If you are interested to know more about the convention venue, please visit the website: edennaturepark.com.ph

The convention theme is One in Spirit: Unity in Diversity

There is usually a diversity of cultures among people in society. When this diversity is ignored or not viewed as an enriching experience, it can lead to suspicion, tension, separateness and conflicts. People lose their sense of familiarity and their bonds of community. Distinctions turn to dissensions, and there is difficulty in determining what is significantly common and shared among them.

How does theosophy prevent these psychological and social rifts from widening? How does theosophy dissolve the biases and prejudices inflicted by conditioned stereotyping of groups according to ethnic, class and religious divides? How does theosophy heal the wounds of factional conflicts and war? And what role does the Society assume in such conditions?

– Develop two (2) national projects related to the theme in partnership with lodges and if necessary, in collaboration with concerned organizations (local and international)
– Determine how to mobilize resources for the two projects

Program Outline
1. Foundation Day Retreat – November 17/ pm
2. Presentations (2-3 speakers) – November 18/ am
3. Symposium (2-3 panelists) – November 18/ pm
4. Workshop on TSP National Projects – November 19/ am

If you have suggestions about the program, let us know.

1. Registration Committee (headed by Adel Imboy)
– will handle the invitation, registration, room assignment, souvenir program, seminar kit

2. Transport Committee (headed by Emily Chua)
– will handle the transport of participants from airport to Eden on first day and from Eden to city proper/airport on last day

3. Program Committee (headed by Diony Cervantes, supported by Cris Sumajit)
– will coordinate use of venue, presentations, workshop activities, and photo documentation

4. Food Committee (headed by Cris Sumajit)
– will see to it vegetarian and vegan meals are properly served

5. Medic Committee
– will coordinate with the nurse of Eden to respond to those who have special health needs and to those who might need urgent medical attention

Contact persons: Adel – 0999-9975867; Bimboy – 0998-9856053

Please share this letter with all sisters and brothers, especially those who do not have access to the internet.

Warm regards,

Rosel Doval Santos
National President