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OLD DIARY LEAVES, Fifth Series (1893-96)
by Henry Steel Olcott

Published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Chennai, India



I. Buddha Gaya and Sarnath
II. Extraordinary Case of Psychopathic Healing
III. The Parliament of Religions
IV. Max Müller on Esotericism
V. Welcoming Mrs. Besant
VI. Mrs. Besant’s First Indian Tour
VII. The Convention of 1893
VIII. Mrs. Besant’s Tour in Bengal
IX. Mrs. Besant’s Tour in the United Provinces
X. Mrs. Besant’s Tour in Punjab
XI. Impressions of Mrs. Besant’s Tour
XII. The Judge Affair
XIII. The Judge Affair (Continued)
An Appendix
XIV. The Fourth European Convention
XV. After the Convention
XVI. The Buddhist Boycotting Bill
XVII. Australasian Section Formed
XVIII. W.T. Stead on H.P.B.



XIX. MR. Judge Denounces Mrs. Besant
XX. Convention Lectures Inaugurated
XXI. Report of the Convention
XXII. The Society at Twenty
XXIII. The American Section Secedes
XXIV. Spain, London, and Holland
XXV. Changing the Constitution
XXVI. More Details of the Secession
XXVII. Mrs. Mitchell and Hypnotic Experiments
XXVIII. First Visit to Berlin
XXIX. Psychometry and Âkâshic Readings
XXX. Vivekânanda, Bombay, Panchamas
XXXI. On Zoroastrianism
XXXII. American Visitors and the Convention
XXXIII. The Maha-Bodhi
XXXIV. The Healing Pentagon
XXXV. International Jugglery
XXXVI. Mr. Judge’s Death
XXXVII. A Rajput Wedding

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