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OLD DIARY LEAVES, Fourth Series (1887-92)
by Henry Steel Olcott

Published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Chennai, India



Editor’s Preface
I. Touring in India
II. The Fears of H.P.B.
III. Scientific and Otherwise
IV. Formation of the Esoteric Section
V. The Convention of 1888
VI. Visit to Japan
VII. Successful Crusade in Japan
VIII. Further Triumphs in Japan
IX. Return to Ceylon
X. A Visit to Europe
XI. Travels and Lectures in the British Isles
XII. Tells of the Work and Death of C.F.
Powell, F.T.S.

XIII. Death of Subba Rao
XIV. 19 Avenue Road, and other Matters
XV. Burmese Visit and Bishop Bigandet
XVI. Australia and the Hartmann Bequest
XVII. From the Antipodes to Avenue Road
XVIII. The First Convention in Europe
XIX. Hypnotic Experiments in Paris



XX. A Disquisition on Hypnotism
XXI. Experiments with Dr. Bernheim
XXII. Mrs. Besant Bids Adieu to the Secularists
XXIII. From Stockholm to Kyoto
XXIV. The Buddhist Platform Successfully Inaugurated
XXV. Notice of Resignation, and What It Led to
XXVI. Mediums, Mendacity, and Other Matters
XXVII. Buddhist Ceremony at Darjeeling
XXVIII. To Meet the Ambassador of the Dalai Lama
XXIX. The Caves and Jungles of Hindustan
in Fiction and Reality

XXX. Foreshadowings of the Judge Controversy

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