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OLD DIARY LEAVES, Third Series (1883-87)
by Henry Steel Olcott

Frontspiece: The Founders of the Theosophical Society

I. Official Recognition
II. An Adept Seen at Pondicherry
III. The Master K.H. at Lahore
IV. Reception by the Maharajah of Kashmir
V. Mysterious Disappearance of Damodar
VI. “Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before”
VII. Phenomena and Healing at Nice
VIII. A Struggle in the London Lodge, T.S.
IX. H.P.B. and the S.P.R. Report
X. Successful Issue of Buddhist Mission
XI. Reality of Thought-Transference
XII. The Painting of Adept Portraits
XIII. German Experiences
XIV. The Coulomb Missionary Conspiracy
XV. First Visit to Burma
XVI. H.P.B. Leaves for Europe
XVII. Concerning Sibyls
XVIII. Final Departure of Damodar



XIX. In Northern India Again
XX. Progress of Theosophy in India
XXI. Phenomenal Memories of Pandits
XXII. H.P.B. in Exile
XXIII. Tender of Resignation
XXIV. Cremation Ceremony in Ceylon
XXV. Establishing a Buddhist Flag
XXVI. Founding the Adyar Library
XXVII. The Opening Ceremony
XXVIII. More Touring in Ceylon and Western India
XXIX. Thugs—The Prince of Wales in Danger
XXX. H.P.B. Founds “Lucifer”

Publishers’ Note—The original edition of OLD DIARY LEAVES, 3rd Series, contained, besides the frontispiece, two illustrations of T.S. Convention groups of 1882 and 1884. As it is not possible to reproduce these satisfactorily, they are not possible to reproduce these satisfactorily, they are not included in this edition.

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