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OLD DIARY LEAVES, Second Series (1878-83)
by Henry Steel Olcott

Frontspiece: The Founders of the Theosophical Society


I. The Voyage Out
II. Settling Down at Bombay
III. Laying Foundations
IV. Many Wonders
V. A Journey to Northern India
VI. Northern Wanderings; Dayânand
Sarawasti; Snake Charming; The
Theosophist Started
VII. The Future Workers Begin to Arrive
VIII. Visits to Allahabad and Benares
IX. Phenomena and Pandits
X. First Tour in Ceylon
XI. The Popular Enthusiasm
XII. The Tour Concluded
XIII. A little Domestic Explosion
XIV. Swami Day€nand Saraswati on Yoga
XV. Simla and the Coerulians
XVI. What Happened at Simla
XVII. Gorgeous Scenes
XVIII. Benares the Holy



XIX. A Master of Djinns
XX. Ceylon Buddhism Explained
XXI. Creating a Sinhalese Buddhist Fund
XXII. From Bombay Northward and Back
XXIII. A Houseboat Journey with H.P.B.
XXIV. Baroda to Ceylon, and the Healings
of Sick Folk There
XXV. Possible Discovery of the Secret of

XXVI. Incidents of Healings
XXVII. Touring and Healing in Bengal
XXVIII. Florid Compliments
XXIX. Healing of the Dumb Man in the
Nelliappa Temple

XXX. South Indian Wonders

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