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OLD DIARY LEAVES, First Series (1874-78)
by Henry Steel Olcott

Frontspiece: The Founders of the Theosophical Society




I. The First Meeting of the Founders
II. Madame Blavatsky in America
III. Philadelphia Phenomena
IV. Madame Blavatsky’s Second Marriage
V. Spiritualism
VI. Oriental Disapprobation
VII. Dr. Slade
VIII. Theosophical Society Proposed
IX. Formation of the Theosophical Society
X. Baron de Palm
XI. The First Cremation in America
XII. Putative Author of “Art Magic”
XIII. “Isis Unveiled
XIV. Different Hypotheses
XV. Apparent Possession by Foreign Entities
XVI. Definition of Terms
XVII. Re-incarnation
XVIII. Early Days of the Society
XIX. Conflicting Views
XX. Conflicting Views(Continued)
XXI. New York Headquarters
XXII. Various Phenomena Described



XXIII. Precipitation of Pictures
XXIV. Projection of the Double
XXV. Swami Dayânand
XXVI. Madame Blavatsky at Home
XXVII. Illusions
XXVIII. Character Sketch of Madame Blavatsky
XXIX. Madame Blavatsky Becomes an
American Citizen. Formation of the
British Theosophical Society. Last
Days in New York

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