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Welcome to the Theosopedia Community Portal

This is a guide to those who are interested in helping this Encyclopedia by either contributing an article, proofreading or checking articles for inaccurate information.

If you contribute any entry or article, you promise that you have written it yourself, or have copied it from a public domain or similar free resource. Please do not submit copyrighted work without permission.

What articles are solicited?

The Encyclopedia contains articles on any subject that has theosophical relevance. The following are examples of areas that may be written about.

  • Theosophical terms
    • Used in theosophical literature, especially the classic writings
  • Biographies
    • Theosophical personalities
    • Notable people in religions, mysticism, esotericism, philosophy that have relevance to theosophy
  • Theosophy in various countries
    • Histories and activities of theosophical groups in any country
  • Comparative religion
    • Information on various religions: practices, scriptures, organization, histories
  • Esotericism
    • Eastern or western

The length of articles may vary from one paragraph to many paragraphs depending upon the significance of the entry.

How to submit articles

It is not possible to directly upload or edit articles unless you are authorized to do so.

Submit your articles in the following manner

  • Email your article to
  • If it is the first time that you are submitting, please send us also your biodata, containing your full name, postal address, email address, phone number, plus background information about yourself, such as books written, position or membership in the Theosophical Society or other helpful information. Please include also names of two theosophists who know you, including their email or contact addresses or phones.

Guidelines on writing articles

Theosopedia articles should be factual, neutral and verifiable.

  • The entries should be a description of a notable subject relevant to Theosophy. It should not be the personal views of the writer, but a presentation of information on the topic.
  • The information presented should be verifiable. Thus, the writer should cite sources such as books, encyclopedias, journals and articles as footnotes.
  • The entry should be presented in a neutral manner without evident bias. Views of various noted writers may be presented.
  • The language is in English, and the spelling uses American English (color instead of colour; organize instead of organise).
  • Entries should be something notable in the field of theosophy and related fields, such as prominent members or General Secretaries of Sections, terms frequently encountered in classic theosophical literature, etc.
  • Length of article will vary according to the significance of the article. For the biographies of very prominent personages, such as Annie Besant, the article may be very long, such as 7,000 words. For glossarial terms, it may as short as 30 words, or as long as 500 words.
  • To avoid duplication of entries, please check first entries either in Theosopedia or the printed Theosophical Encyclopedia (Theosophical Publishing House, Manila, 2006)


In view of the fact that the printed Theosophical Encyclopedia is under copyright, the articles that will be published in Theosopedia will also be copyrighted. The purpose of the copyright is not to restrict usage of the information or articles by others, but rather to protect the right of the Theosophical Publishing House to use the articles in printed form. The articles in the Theosopedia may be freely reproduced and quoted provided that the source and copyright should be mentioned.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for any suggestion or information. Our email is Mailing address:

General Editor, Theosophical Encyclopedia, Theosophical Publishing House, 1 Iba Street, Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: +63-2-741-5740; Fax +63-2-740-3751

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