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The mysterious spiritual Being in the center of our cosmos and from which the physical Sun emanated. It is commonly equated with God or the highest Deity in the various religions.

In the writings of Helena P. BLAVATSKY, the phrase central spiritual Sun or “invisible Sun” is used in three senses: as an astronomical object in the Milky Way galaxy, as the highest God or Deity, and as the Divine Self within human beings.

Astronomically, it is outside the Solar System. Blavatsky suggests that it may be equated with the “central body in the milky way, a point unseen and mysterious, the ever-hidden center of attraction of our Sun and system” (SD 2:240). It is still in a laya or neutral condition, but nevertheless acting as an attracting and ever-emitting life center (ibid).

As a spiritual being, it is the highest conception of Deity or God we can make. The ancients equate it with Iao or Abraxas. It is the Parabrahman among Hindus. Among the Kabbalists, it is the Ain Soph. It is also the point at the center of the six-pointed star. It radiates seven rays.

The “Three Kabalistic Faces” are the “Three Lights” and the “Three Lives” of EN-SOPH (the Parabrahma of the Westerns) also called the “Central Invisible Sun.” The “Universe is his Spirit, Soul and Body,” his “Three Emanations.” This triune nature — the purely Spiritual, the purely Material and the Middle nature (or imponderable matter, of which is composed man’s astral soul) are represented by the equilateral triangle whose three sides are equal, because these three principles are diffused throughout the universe in equal proportions; and the ONE LAW in nature being perfect EQUILIBRIUM — they are eternal and co-existent. (CW III:313)

Julian the Apostate spoke of the central Sun in its three aspects: the first being the universal cause of all, the second being paramount Intelligence, and the third being the visible Sun. This central Sun is the Logos that manifests through the physical Sun.

The term “Spiritual Sun” is at times used in a third sense to refer to the inner Self, the Divine Spirit within, or štman. It is symbolized by the new rebirth or the second birth alluded to by Paul (CW IX:272).



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